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Outdoor Workout at BU Soccer Field

Dynamic WU (skips, hops, jumping jacks, etc.)

PVC Warm up (3/4 inch PVC 5 feet) high pulls, good mornings, presses, over head squats, etc)

I T Y Rows, Tricep Press (2.5 lb DB.) x 15 reps. x 2 sets * good shoulder warm up

Soccer Field Med Ball ground to overhead - run doing med ball throws 100 yards - med ball burpees (no push up) - run doing the same throw back 100 yards.

each round a different throw: side toss, soccer throw front, rear facing back over head, front chest pass.

4 rounds 10-8-6-4-2 reps of the GTO and Burpee on ea. round.

4 rounds

Run Steps (BU) or sub 50 yds out and back sprint or sub 400 treadmill

Sandbag clean to Thruster x 10 * can use DB Sandbag bent over rows x 10 *

Med ball straight arm crunch x 10 * Med ball straight arms and straight legs sit up x 10 *

Med ball Russian twists x 20 *

Boxing drills pads, combos, slips, drops 15 min


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