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Workout w 9th grade XC country runner

5 min easy run 

3 rounds   7 reps bench press   5 each leg TRX back lunge to straight arm hold w small jump  TRX hamstring - hip bridges with straight leg extension. 

10 reps of Elbows on Bosu, top of feet on Swiss Ball - knee to chest with Swiss Ball 3 rounds    Bosu L hand to L foot, R hand to R foot  (V up) x 10 reps    Cross Over Bands  straight arm torso turns, standing, shoulder height. x 10 each side   Bent over row w DB   single arm, knee on bench  x 10 each arm  3 rounds    Dip bar, straight leg raises to L hold or sub dip bar knee to chest x 10    Back extensions on Bosu x 10   Swiss Ball crunches x 10    DB swings x 10 


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