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More XC kid workout

Dynamic Warm Up (skips, hops, carioca, knee to chest, mummy walk, inch worm, side lunge)

3 rounds

10 x lateral bounds 10 split squat jumps 10 single leg burpees (5 each leg) run backwards up hill 30 yards - jog back

3 rounds DB bent over rows x 12 Sandbag power cleans (start below knee) x 12 DB curl, turn elbows out squeeze shoulder blades, slow return. x 12 3 rounds Heavy bag (1-2-3-4, L knee, R knee kick) :45 V ups for :45 rest :15 1-2 drop (jab, cross) AbMat sit ups :45 rest :15 4-5 (uppercuts) 3-4 (hooks) Straight leg rises to 90 degrees :45 sec

Static stretch


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