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Swim Workout today

500 warm up

4 x 50's under water 12.5 yards, scull feet first 12.5 yards, sprint back 25 :10 R

300 pull, every 4th 25 is underwater crawl (not dog paddle)

4 X 50's (IM order) stroke down 25, free back 25 on the 1 min.

300 drill L arm, R arm, scull (head up, light kick, hands in line w shoulders), swim, by 25.

4 X 50's all out on the min. REAL FAST!

300 swim count strokes every 4th, try and take 1 off on each of the 3 25's.

4 X 50's kick, build speed throughout the 25.

300 swim, easy, breathe by 25 every 3rd, and 5th.

4 X 50's pull no walls, flip and miss on the min.

100 back stroke easy. = 2800

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