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Runner strength workout in basement

3 rounds

# 25 weight plate on each : from ground to curl to press x 10

weight plate seated shoulder press x 10 weight plate reverse lunge x 10 5 ea leg

3 rounds Band core standing straight arms torso twists x 10 ea side

Parallel bar hold w straight leg raises x 10

TRX hanging knees to chest x 10

3 rounds DB #30

10 x Db swings

10 x bent over rows db 10 ea arm

10 x 1 arm snatch 5 ea arm

Main set run 3 min treadmill

12 x In and OUts core seated on bench - both knees in and then out straight

12 x back squat #95 barbell

12 x Swiss Ball v ups passing ball hand to feet

12 x bench quad extension seated 6 each leg slow on return

12 x TRX muscle ups w handles at shoulder height.


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