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Brenau U swim with dry land

Drill 25, 1/2 head up (Tarzan) 1/2 head down 200 yds. 25 by fists 1/2, feet first 150 yds. 25 by scull w head up 1/2, 1/2 breast stroke w head up 100 yds. 50 kick hard 1/2 sprint 1/2

Width of pool underwater, 10 press outs, underwaer back then 8 press outs, -6-4-2 underwater and press outs.

4 rounds 100 Free all out for time up and out quick for Tabata w Dumbbell (#20/#25) 1 arm high pull alternating, 1 arm alternating bent over row 1 arm alt Floor Bench and Russian Twists Goblet Squats and alternating arm shoulder press

Tricep skull crusher and straight arm shoulder blade press up w dumbbell

Relay partner swims 50, while other partner performs 6 squat thrusts (jump feet to palms of hand) X 200 yds (4 swims each person)

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