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Strength Workout - done with age group Lanier Aquatics Swimmers. Deadlift ladder

Dynamic warm up skips, cariocha, side shuffle, butt kicks, hops, walk lunge w twist, skip for height, skip for distance, inch worm, fire hydrants, squat thrusts, jump jacks, knee to chest, straight leg march (mummy walk).

Burpee dumbbell ladder... spread all pairs of dumbbells from rack from #20 to #65.

Perform one burpee on dbells, jumping feet back between dbells, set back, deadlift w excellent form (shoulders and hips up at the same time, big chest)... move to next weight....up ladder till form suffers or unable to complete lift. Bear Crawl 15 yards, Walk lunge 15 yards. X 3 rounds.

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