I was 39 when I started working with Jack. Despite running 40-50 miles per week and trying plans published by well-known coaches and athletes, staying injury free was always a challenge. I assumed I had plateaued for good. When Jack started coaching me in late November, I was still nursing an injury. He immediately came up with a cross training plan. With the diversity his plan brought – core strength routines, rowing, bike/spin, swimming (no previous experience) – I was able to drop my weekly mileage to 25-35 mpw and still PR’d with a sub-19 min in early March. Now that I’m a masters runner, it’s crucial to have someone who can bring diversity to his plans. Jack can easily adjust workouts and intensity based on the client’s need for recovery. He is endless in his encouragement and always keeps his workouts fresh and interesting.

Johanna K - 18:47 5k, 40:12 10k“

"Jack is the most positive person I know. I have worked with him for over five years developing my swimming technique and building core strength which has allowed me to be more successful in my sport. He has the ability to teach/train a number of different sports using a multitude of techniques. Jack's knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation are life changing. " 


Julia,  N Hall High School.  2 events, 3rd Pl in both sprint freestyle, GHSA State High School Meet. 

Jack Haire has the knowledge, experience, and most importantly the communication skills necessary to bring anyone's athleticism to the next level. He knows how to talk to athletes and realizes that not one athlete is the same as another and he adjusts the way he coaches them to fit their needs and to help them accomplish their goals. Working with Jack has been like working with a guru who has endless knowledge of all things running, swimming, biking, and more. He knows when you need to increase your training load and he knows when to back it off. I have 100% trust in Jack and that is why I am exclusively working with him as I pursue my very first full-distance Ironman in 2021 in Lake Placid. 

I highly recommend Jack Haire to anyone looking to run a 5k all the way up to anyone looking to win an Ironman triathlon and anyone in between. 

Getting in touch with Jack will be the best thing you can do to improve your athletic ability. 

Morgan House 


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