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Hotel Workout

Ends with Tabata Treadmill

10 min recumbent bike warm up or sub easy treadmill run or elliptical

3 rounds, 15 reps each: Med Ball Slam ball, Med Ball push ups, Med Ball Russian Twists, Med Ball Squats

3 rounds 12 reps each: Swiss Ball Pike ups, Swiss Ball back extensions, Swiss Ball glute bridges Swiss Ball Single Leg Bulgarian deal lifts (8 ea Leg)

3 rounds 10 reps each, Hang Knee to chest, Cable column standing straight arm torso turns, Cable column triceps press

1 mile treadmill start at 2% grade, increase 2 % each .25 mile

Tabata treadmill 8 rounds 9 mph, 9 % grade :20 on and :10 off

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